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Priestess Mekala

Descended from a long line of women healers

Welcome to 7 Elements where WE help you connect to your true soul purpose, find your passion and joy in life.


7Elements Mission

Welcome to 7 Elements where WE help you connect to your true soul purpose, find your passion and joy in life. My name is Felicia also know by healer name Priestess Mekala. 7Elements is a place of clearing and connecting to your highest self and removing the blocks that are blocking you from creating your dream life. If you do the Self work you will align yourself with your true purpose in life. Being a Priestess of the earth and a Sun Dancer has leaded me down a path of growth in my life experiences. I was taught to only offer healing in what you have experience in your life, because now you have the healing medicine energy to help someone else that is experiencing the same experience. I am a Licensed Vocational Nurse of California for 26 years, a two time cancer survivor, a domestic violence survivor and alcoholic family dis-ease. We all have OUR stories of what makes US who we are from our experiences. The healing actually starts when we stop repeating our life patterns and learn to create new ones that will serve our highest good. Loving who you are is a part of the healing journey. To be a gifted healer of spirit, plants, and energy healing is a life of balance of the true self. Things are changing on this planet we call Earth; the higher vibrations are causing us to shed our old three D life and to move into the higher vibration of 5th D and up. Spiral light energy healing is very straight to the point and was given to me by Creator at a time in my life when people were shifting out of my life in a big way. Certain relationships will either come to an end or grow in a supportive way, think about how different relationships have ended in your life in the past two years. As we move through the higher vibration and AWAKENING into our true higher self we LET GO of what no longer serves US.

I have a strong PASSION for creating sacred space where you live, creating a custom coaching session, creating a healing yoga session or a spiritual reading of what energies that needs to change in your life. 7 Elements is connected to the Elements of life Water is the flow of the emotions, Air is the breath of life, Fire is the spark to take Action, Heart is the true feeling, Spirit is the guided connection, Creator Divine is Knowing that you are Divine light unlimited possibilities. 7Elements has many modalities to choose from, pick what calls to you. You are the Key to your healing and destiny. Welcome to a NEW YOU, Say No to the old and yes to the New. Blessings! From Divine spirit team and myself.

Massage & Treatments

Bamboo  yoga

Bamboo  yoga  brings in renewal of the spirit, balance  strength , flexibility,  and healing of the heart. This healing form of yoga is very toning with cardio increase. Workshops available and one on one training.  Prices start at 55 dollars per person an hour  and increases according to travel and amount of people for a flat rate. Email or call for your bamboo yoga.

Zzie Staff Massage

Ancient barefoot massage done with clothes on or bare skin with massage cream. This trigger point, rocking, lymphatic pumping and deep muscle release. This art comes from an ancestory teaching. Email for more details.

This is a floor mat treatment
90 minutes session $111.00

Zzie Staff Massage 
Introductory Price $463.00
(Special until the end of the year, this is not a certificate program)

Spinal Energy Massage

Great for  fibromyalgia,  fatigue, and bronchial congestion. Different essential oils are used for this treatment after oils are applied  infrared dome  is turned on for deeper  treatment and increase oxygen in the body.  Clay can also be applied for  a deeper detox release. 1 hour treatment $97.00

Pranic Reiki

60 min is $99.00

Therapy & Emotion

Relax Have Your Baby

Are you having problems getting to the next stage of having your baby? Are you beyond your due date or right at your due date ? Is there’s no action ? Well let’s get action , learn how to breathe and to move the body creating the energy with yoga movements on a yoga ball or without a yoga ball . Creating a grounded feeling  releasing the stress to having the baby and getting relaxed . email or call for your appointment this session can be done by phone or Skype . 

45mins  session is 90.00
60 mins session 111.00

All session must be paid for before session starts. There will be a consultation  before the session to make sure that you are ready to have your baby.  Get ready for a positive soul adventure into motherhood.

*Disclaimer I am not a Doctor, please seek medical advice  before doing these movements. Must be able  to stand, able to heel lift, waddle, and hip roll.

Purse & Wallet Blessings

The new hot thing that people love. Read more on blog or 7 Elements.

$174.00 fee


Crystal Elixir Waters

Elixir waters are made with spring water , crystals and seasonal elements.  Some elixir take 3 weeks to 2 months to make.  The elixirs are applied to heart area, temples, wrist or where needed. Can be added to bath water. High Frequency charged. The elixirs must be consultation for the  Clearing elixir, Love elixir, Past life healing, Spirit elixir, Divine light elixir,  Healer elixir, Sacred Ancestors, and Earth Angel.  The priestess sprays are just for inspiration and empowerment and are personally designed for the client. Everything will have  hand made  old fashion style labels.

$137.00 – 175.00

(These elixir are very concentrated, their energy can clear a room of crazy energy, spray it in the air and watch what happens be like bravo.)



Ordained Minister

A member of S.H.E.S Since 4/1999

Available for weddings, baby blessings, last rites.



Heaven and Earth

I love when Spirit Talks it is time to listen.  I am just the vessel for the information to get to you either through cards or direct talk, but watch out sometimes love ones love to visit from the other side.

30 min session is $80.00
60 min session is $160.00


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Water – Earth
Air – Fire – Heart
Spirit – Creator