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Spiral Light B Soulight (volume 1)

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Alchemy Elixir Water

Elixir waters are made with spring water, crystals, and seasonal elements.  Some elixir takes 3 weeks to 2 months to make.  The elixirs are applied to the heart area, temples, wrist or where needed. It can be added to bathwater. High Frequency charged. The elixirs must be a consultation for the  Clearing elixir, Love elixir, Past life healing, Spirit elixir, Divine light elixir,  Healer elixir, Sacred Ancestors, and Earth Angel.  The priestess sprays are just for inspiration and empowerment and are personally designed for the client. Everything will have hand made old fashion style labels.

37.00 dollars to 99.00 depending on the blend

(These elixirs are very concentrated, their energy can clear a room of crazy energy, spray it in the air and watch what happens to be like bravo.)

Frequency Light Code Healing Sessions

90 mins to 180.00